Friday, August 26, 2011

LightUp Example: 65sqm Social Housing Project (WIP)

Over the last two weeks I've worked with another student to produce our first design solution to a 65sqm appartment for youth at risk of becoming homeless. We used Sketchup and LightUp together to test whether our resolution of the internal spaces worked. LightUp was invaluable in the design process because it gave us a great sense of daylight and it also informed us of design issues that aren't that obvious in plan or in a sketchup 3d model. It also helped with integrating material choices into the design process, which IMO is a good break from a pure form-based design process.

You can view larger images by following this link: LightUp Forum: 65sqm Social Housing Project (WIP)

65sqm Social Housing Project - Perspective Floorplan
65sqm Social Housing Project - Northern to Western Perspective Elevations

65sqm Social Housing Project - Interior Perspectives

Sketchup Floating Camera Preview - Banks Model Navigation

In my very limited spare time I've been working on a plugin called Sketchup Floating Camera. Basically it allows you to navigate your Sketchup model as you would in a video game. It will allow you to produce animations in Sketchup with far more of a fluid motion control of the camera. This is a WIP that needs alot of attention so hopefully by the end of the year I'll put out a beta release with a nice suite of scripts for editing a recorded camera path. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Banks Model Progression 2 (WIP)

So I'm waiting for a render now, and I thought I'd use the time to update the blog. Here's some more images from the model.
Montefiore Bridge with access route to the riverside walkway

development of the convention centre roof, using tools on surface (offset) to get the correct offset of panels

The outline of the panels to offset

shadow render of the convention centre

hidden line render of the convention centre from montefiore bridge

closeup of eastern wing of convention centre

Monday, January 24, 2011

Banks Model Progression (WIP)

Here's a small update on a terrain model for a new competition. Descriptions to come later.